Google Business Messages

Digisac, thinking about service between companies, consumers and customers, allows the connection to the Google Business Messages channel.

With it, your marketing and customer service team will be able to respond, on a single platform, to messages and reviews sent on Google Maps, Google My Business, all in an integrated manner.

Google Business Messages Benefits


Reviews with quick responses

The agility in responding to comments on Google channels will keep the reputation of your brand and products always positive, attracting more consumers and aware to your business.


Timely chats and messages

A customer sees the review, likes your company's reputation and asks a question. Your team, through the Digisac Platform, responds immediately. Surprise and captivate your customer at the right time!

Automação unida ao atendimento humanizado

Automation combined with humanized service

The agility provided by automation combined with the sensitivity of humanized service contribute to a unique service experience.

Soluções rápidas com bots de perguntas frequentes

Quick fixes with FAQ bots

Use the existing FAQ documentation in your bot configuration and quickly solve your customers' most common questions.

otimize seus resultados
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Google Business Messages

Optimize your sales results!

Google Business Messages enables the combination of entry points on Google Maps, search and websites, favoring assertive communication with customers and commercial results.

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