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DigiSac is a true digital messaging PBX for your company!

Gather the main transported channels, on a single platform, satisfy customer needs quickly, manage the service process, optimize agents' work and much more!

Performance Multichannel

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Gathers all channels in one place

All contacts, from the main messaging channels on the same platform! Easy to find, chat and manage.

Icon Centralizes all important information

Centralizes all important information

Centralize in one place and number your employees, all messages that arrive at your company, contact information, customer service analysis and much more!

Icon Increases customer satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction

With the DigiSac platform you offer your customer a unique experience, as in addition to streamlining processes, the platform helps you to provide faster and more organized services!

Icon Optimizes employee time

Optimizes employee time

Service becomes fast and easy! Messages arrive in one place in an orderly and stress-free manner!

Icon Organizes and enhances service

Organizes and enhances service

Boost your business service and see it grow and become another DigiSac success story!

Icon Allows real-time management of conversations

Allows real-time management of conversations

Administrators have access to real-time conversations, plus a number of other features that allow complete management both from near and far!

Digisac works with you

Watch our videos now and see how DigiSac can help your company!!

Centralization of service
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Centralization of service

Answer through multiple channels in one place

DigiSac brings together the best messaging channels on one platform. Keep all your employees connected, answering all WhatsApp (WABA), Telegram, Web Chat and SMS messages on the same screen and deliver a more organized service and fast for your customers!

Need WhatsApp?

The most user-friendly multi-channel management platform on the market has WhatsApp API, in partnership with Positus and 360 Dialog, we can offer an incredible service experience between your company and your end consumers.

With a WABA account your company connects with the world through WhatsApp API.


Connect with all your customers, through the official WhatsApp account (WABA) or Cloud API!

Improvement of results
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Improvement of results

Improve your performance and increase customer satisfaction

With the integration of messaging channels in a single place, organization in service queues, easy management and agility in the transfer of calls, your business communication will go faster and more organized! See your customers returning much more satisfied to you!!

Check out resources for your team
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Internal and external communication

Optimize your Home Office performance

With DigiSac your company has at its disposal an integration platform for internal and external communication, for support and service, HelpDesk. Manage and monitor your employees in a simple and uncomplicated way, even when performing their functions in a remote system - home office!

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Icon Integration


Make integrations with CRM's that your company uses

Empower your company's performance and have an integrated system with the information and tools your business needs to the DigiSac platform!

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Internal chat

Exchange messages within the platform with your equipment through Internal Chat

With the internal chat, you can chat between them, create notification channels, groups and call anyone in private to exchange this important information without having to leave the platform! !

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Agile service icon
Agile service icon

Agile service

Manage your customer service efficiently

Digisac enables the management of conversations, providing the solution to transform your service with total agility between the customer and his team.

application image
application image

DigiSac Application

DigiSac is also available in the app

In addition to the desktop platform, DigiSac also offers the application, available on the PlayStore and Apple Store, as an alternative for when it is not possible to use a computer. The application is the perfect option for external teams of consultants, support o ventas, ya that the DigiSac facility now fits on a smart phone!

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