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With DigiSac you centralize the service in a single number in your company, eliminating the use of cell phones by employees!

With the DigiSac platform, all your employees will be able to perform simultaneous calls, on multiple screens, from the main messaging channels - WhatsApp (WABA account), Telegram, Webchat, SMS and e-mail!

Benefits of choosing Digisac

Icone Free


Here at DigiSac you don't pay for implementation or installation and you will have the support of our team throughout the access process.

Completely free setup!

Icone Free


We follow your path constantly! That's why, at DigiSac, you have training for you and your team whenever you need it.

Get training whenever you need it!

Icone Free


No cost!
Standard support from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, with a team ready to answer all your questions.

Support included ready to serve you!


Call Transfer

Quickly transfer messages that arrive in your service queue to another department, as your customer needs!


Service queues by department

Messages arrive on the platform in order of arrival, in service queues by department!


Individual Chat per attendant

Organised, fast and practical service! With DigiSac, your attendants have an individual chat for your calls.

Painel gerencial


Have a real-time view of your calls

Follow the conversations in the channels in real time in the Agora panel. The monitoring can be done by the queues of each department or each attendant. In the Agora panel you will also have the summary of the calls in a simple and complete way!

Benefits of the Management Panel



Complete panel for administration, control, management and visualization of your calls!



Managers, supervisors and administrators can analyze data, perform team planning, see the performance of departments and attendants.



Easy summary of important conversations like contract closing, support and decisions.

Service robot

Triage and organize your service flow

Create up to 3 levels of service and our team will help you configure if necessary! If your service has more specialties and has more complexity, we have a team of experts to help with solutions, just talk to one of our consultants .


Benefits of Service Robots

Atendimento 24/7

24/7 Service

Need to capture your contacts during off-hours? No problem, Robot will help you with this work.



Serve all your customers much more quickly and don't leave contacts unanswered.



Direct the ticket to the desired department or user via Robot automatically.



Make integrations with CRM's that your company uses

Empower your company's performance and have an integrated system with the information and tools your business needs to the DigiSac platform!

Advantages of integrating systems with Digisac


Greater agility in registering information

With integrated systems, registering information in your system, within the Digisac platform, becomes faster and more practical.


Better experience for customers

With a more practical and faster service, the customer experience becomes more pleasant and the feedback more positive.


24 hour automated service

Need to capture your contacts outside of the time? With the help of the robot, in systems integrated with Digisac, this is possible.


Automatic appointments

Digisac allows scheduling messages, in a practical way, facilitating the communication process.


Higher sales conversion

Fast, easy and humanized services provide a better experience for customers and the increase in the number of sales.

Home office

Home Office

Take control of your business and your attendance at Home Office!

Home Office work has reached more and more companies in Brazil and around the world and to better meet the needs of your business, DigiSac offers a complete tool for managing and controlling Home Office services!

Benefits of the Platform at Home Office



Monitor in real time the messages exchanged between your employees and your customers and have greater control of your company's service.



Customize access permissions, organize and restrict working hours and platform access!



Direct the call to the desired department or to a specific user, even if they are not in the same place performing the service.

Customer Service

Customize your connections according to the needs of your client and your company!

Personalize the platform according to your company's departments, attendants and communication! Offer a more humanized service and a more incredible experience for your customer!

app digisac

App Digisac

DigiSac is also available in the app!

In addition to the desktop platform, Digisac also offers the application, available on the PlayStore and Apple Store, as an alternative for when there is no possibility of using a computer. The app is the perfect option for external teams of consultants, support or sales, with essential features that, through your smartphone, fit in the palm of your hand!

chat interno

Internal chat

Exchange messages within the platform with your team via Internal Chat

With Internal Chat, your team will be able to chat with each other, create notification channels, groups and call anyone in private to exchange that important information without even having to leave the platform! All quickly and conveniently!

Discover the Internal Chat

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