Serve your customers through Instagram, the second most popular messenger app in Brazil!!

Through the Digisac multichannel platform, you can quickly respond to messages sent by customers to your company's Instagram profile, without having to open the app on your mobile device.

Advantages of connecting your Instagram to Digisac



Send messages to customers organized into groups, according to their characteristics, needs and preferences. In this way, the contents can be worked on more efficiently.



Messages received on Instagram through the platform are handled more quickly, as it is not necessary to always be aware of notifications received in the app, whether on the web or on the mobile device.



Send and receive texts, photos, links and videos to your customers, through messages and respond with thanks to the tags made about your company, in the stories. Centralizing communication and interacting with the customer is necessary and possible, with the Digisac platform!!

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Enjoy the benefits that service through Instagram can offer.

Be prepared to respond to messages from customers and present the first information about your company, product or service, through Instagram, with the multichannel platform Digisac.

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