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Work strategically with your company's customer relationship through the Reclame Aqui channel. Managing complaints, opinions and registration regarding your brand is much easier and faster with Digisac!

Advantages of Reclame Aqui


Agility and satisfaction in a single place

A well served and satisfied customer generates more customers. For that, your business needs to be agile! Digisac is a powerful ally with the Reclame Aqui channel, served along with the other channels, on the platform.


Peace of mind for your team

The agility in service, in addition to bringing satisfaction to its customers, is also a great ally for teams and managers. The attendants can quickly deal with complaints or open requests, on Reclame Aqui, leaving customers less sad.


Organized and quick acceptance

Channel attendance data, protocol generation, conversations ready for archiving, with media files, quick and easy.


Multi-channel coverage for your brand

In addition to responding quickly and distributing open complaints, if the customer complains on Google, Facebook, Instagram or another channel, the service team will quickly be able to check and respond if the complaint passes through these channels.


An ally for the ombudsman

A commitment to fast, quality and multichannel service is a great ally for your business's ombudsman service. Managers can check the quality of service, response time and consumers' perception of product quality/ service offered by the company.

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Complain Here

Complain Here, the channel for your confidence!

The best-known relationship channel between consumers, brands and companies in Brazil, not only for complaints, but also to clarify doubts, consult opinions about products and brands, discover the quality of customer service and much more.

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