Management Panel

Dashboard for administration, control and monitoring to manage and visualize your services. Make your team more productive!

With it the manager can supervise, collect data, perform team planning, see performance of departments and attendants, check and also export service by protocols.

Management Panel


In this panel you will have access to attendance statistics, with them it is possible to measure, analyze and compare the average attendance time, sector performance, among other information.

Painel gerencial
Real time

Management Panel


Follow the conversations in the channels in real time on the Now panel. The monitoring can be done by the queues of each department or each attendant. On the Now panel you will also have the summary of calls in a simple and complete way!

Management Panel

Protocol with call histories

Each service generates a protocol between opening and closing the conversation. With the protocol number it is quick to search, find the conversation and export if necessary.

Painel gerencial
Painel gerencial

Management Panel

Service Evaluation

Send satisfaction surveys to your customers, perform analysis through rating statistics, and strategize with your neutral customers and detractors until they become promoters!




Managers, supervisors and administrators can analyze data, perform team planning, see performance of departments and agents.



We thought of an easy, simple and intuitive dashboard for you.



Easy summary of important conversations such as closing contracts, support and decisions.

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