The best resources for your service

Digisac brings together, on the same platform, the best resources to simplify and optimize the work of your company's service agents. Schedule messages, campaigns, satisfaction surveys and much more!



Use tags to better identify your customers

With the tag feature, your employees will be able to better organize, manage and identify their customers. A tip? Put a tag for coming from Instagram and a tag for coming by referral, after doing an analysis and coming up with a strategy for your audience!



Realize bulk messaging

Digisac makes it possible to carry out campaigns by sending bulk messages via SMS and WhatsApp (WABA account - *involves additional costs). This makes it easy to send a general message to all customers!


Message Scheduling

Streamline your calls with the schedule of messages

With Digisac your company will have more agility and ease in communication. Schedule internal messages - from collaborator to collaborator - and external messages, to your customers, and don't leave any information aside!


Where does the customer want to talk?

Chat with the same customer on different channels in an uncomplicated way

Is your customer ON on Telegram, WhatsApp and WebChat? No problem! With Digisac you can talk to him on all channels, exchanging them in just a few clicks, right in the chat!


Attendance Protocol

Better organize your calls with service protocols

Digisac calls end with service protocols for better organization and identification of each open call!


Quick Answers

Set up quick responses and streamline your company's service

There are always those same questions and the same answers at the time of the service, isn't it? How about configuring quick answers and streamlining the service process in your company?! DigiSac delivers speed and convenience in your communication!


Subject of the call

Organize and measure the attendance of your business, through the subject of the call

At the end of each service, your team will be able to insert a subject to the calls and thus wait even easier to organize and measure the content of the most recurring calls that arrive at your company.


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