A channel full of features and possibilities

Telegram has been growing more and more users in Brazil and worldwide, there are already more than 500 million. Free, safe, stable and free.

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Serve your customers via Telegram and enjoy the app's facilities

In addition to Telegram being integrated with DigiSac's Multichannel Platform, allowing your team to serve your customers through this channel, your company will also be able to reach thousands of customers with information and advertisements instantly by creating channels with up to 200,000 people, security, bots and polls already in the app.

Advantages of using Telegram in Campaigns



Create your Telegram channel and reach 200k people at once! And even better, it took more channels, just create.



Only with Telegram you can interact more freely with your customers for promotional campaigns.



The return of messages you receive through the Digisac Platform, with organization and greater flow in responses.

Functions of Telegram


Native bots

Bots from the app itself are free, giving you more flexibility if you need it.



The file storage is all in the cloud. This makes your phone and connection faster, extends the life of your device and gives greater performance.


High capacity

In Telegram you are not limited to 100MB like in other messengers, in it you can send files with 1.5GB! Very generous, isn't it?

Capacity of Telegram



Native night mode has been around for a long time. This is one of the most requested feature in versions of messaging apps.



Text, audio, images, videos, documents, emojis, stickers and share location with other users.



Access to Telegram via desktop is done independently of the mobile version. The user logs in only once with the help of cell phone and that's it.

Blog Digisac

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Como abrir e editar um canal no telegram

Quality Assurance:

Know your benefits to technology companies

If you believe the quality of a product or software, in the case of technology companies, is related to tests at the end of the production process, it is wrong. It is part of all development and has professionals with professionalsTrained in its application, the members of the Quality Assurance team or simply Qas.

Como baixar o telegram e quais suas principais características

False profiles on Linkedin:

See what may be behind this kind of threat

It is common to see, in the digital environment, information drawing attention to possible scams applied through fake Instagram profiles. But did you know that LinkedIn can also be used for this purpose?

Como otimizar o atendimento da sua empresa, através da plataforma multicanal DigiSac

Restore old photos

Step by step to restore old photos with the aid of artificial intelligence

If you work with old images and photographs, for digital content creation or simply like to keep them archived, as a memory, did you know that artificial intelligence can be used, with excellent results, in a restoration process?That's right!It is the proposal of the Baseten platform, which we will present below.

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