Privacy and information security at Digisac

Digisac is very concerned about the privacy and security of our Users' data, therefore, it adopts a series of measures to protect this information, in addition to having a fully implemented data protection compliance program.

There are a few things our User needs to know about the data processing we carry out:

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We are controllers of the processing of personal data concerning our customers

that is, once our services are contracted, we will request some information from the contracting company, its representatives and points of contact, we will make decisions in order to provide our service in the best and safest way possible.


We are operators of the processing of the personal data of third parties entered in our solutions by our contracting customers

that is, we process data based on the decisions of our customers, controllers. Here, customer contact data, messages, employees responsible for service, among others, enter.


We have no control over the data that client companies request through the platform, or insert into their environments in the solution.

This means that the client company is responsible for informing the holder of any data processing carried out through Digisac, as well as fulfilling its obligations as controller, to help, we have made a Manual.


Some partners are needed for the solution to be viable.

According to the WABA contracting rules, it is necessary that the contracting of the solution with Meta be carried out through Brokers. In the case of Digisac, we have partners such as 360Dialog and Positus.


Privacy Policy

How did your data get here?

We may collect and store User information from certain sources:

  • By registering Users on the platform
  • By direct sales process
  • By our website, in the contact us forms and when downloading materials
  • By the User, when filling out any contact form or content on our website or browsing pages with cookie preferences activated in your browser.
  • Also, data from third parties related to the Contracting Company's business will be stored by Digisac, with the sole purpose of providing the service for which it was contracted.

Privacy Policy

For what reason do we use your personal data that we treat as controllers?

Digisac respects all the principles of the LGPD and does not process data excessively or incompatible with the proposed purposes. In this way, we can process Users' personal data to:

  • Identify and contact the User during the journey of using the platform
  • Run the services for which the User uses its solution
  • Send contacts related to sales and marketing
  • Validate User identity and avoid security risks.
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How do we secure this information?

Digisac is very concerned about the security of your personal data. Therefore, it implements all the measures suggested by the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD) in its Guidance Guide for Small Handling Agents, which comprises a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your information.

In addition, it carries out surveillance and mapping of risks and vulnerabilities of its systems, as well as implements measures against security incidents.

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Privacy Policy

Do we share data?

To provide the service with security and excellence, we may hire some operators, such as servers, payment gateways and others. These partners are subject to Digisac's decisions and we always establish minimum requirements for hiring.

As already mentioned, we have partners such as 360Dialog and Positus, brokers that make it possible to contract the WABA solution.

Furthermore, Digisac does not share data with other single controllers that can identify the User.

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Privacy Policy

When we are controllers, for how long do we process your personal data?

We will process your personal data for the duration of our provision of services, or for the time necessary to comply with a legal obligation of Digisac, or if they are important to resolve legal disputes.

Regarding data related to sending targeted marketing, we will process the information until you express your desire to opt out of the lists.


What is the titleholder's right?

The holder has the right to request from the controller some information and actions, we will not always be able to fulfill the request, but we will respond to you in all cases:

To make this request, simply access our Form below or contact our Person in Charge via email XXX. For your own safety, we may do some identity checks before providing the answer.

Learn more about treatment in our Privacy Policy.

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Privacy Policy


We've done our best to explain clearly and simply what personal data we'll need from you and what we're going to do with each one. That's why we separate the most important points below, which can also be read complete and detailed in our Privacy Policies.

In addition, we are always available to answer any questions you may have by emailing

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